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Movavi Academic 2020: What’s New?

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We’re happy to announce the update of Movavi Academic, the most accessible video-editing program for education!

Movavi Academic is software for schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Use it to explain topics through video, create classroom video projects and presentations, develop online lessons and courses, record lectures and webinars, and much more. The program will be valuable for any teacher wanting to make the learning process creative and fun!

With this update, Movavi Academic has acquired even more features to help you share knowledge in the most engaging way. 

By the way, now you can get an annual subscription to Movavi Academic for only $10 when you purchase 100 or more packs!

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What’s New

Make Everything QUIZABLE! 

Want to make your lessons more exciting or give students a fun task that will help them learn without it seeming like work? Use our brand new tool to create a quiz. Develop interactive videos with questions and tests. Or… task your students with creating such a video and turn the classroom lesson on its head!

Enjoy the Smooth New Design

The program interface now has a new color scheme and is even more user-friendly. Bring your ideas to life as you enjoy the process of making videos!

Share Your Knowledge and Ideas in No Time

Now you can upload your videos to Movavi Cloud directly from within the program. You can also upload videos with quizzes to our dedicated cloud storage. Easily share your videos with others by sending them a link.

Make the most of your videos and make your classes unforgettable with Movavi!

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