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Valentine’s Day Contest! What’s Your City of Love?

February 03, 2021
  • 3,678
  • 2 min

What’s the best city for your perfect date? Let’s find out! Take our test and find your city of love. Maybe one day you’ll have the perfect romantic rendezvous there!

Meanwhile, as Valentine’s Day is getting closer, everyone’s stocking up on gifts for their loved ones – and we’re no exception. We’ve prepared a few special gifts for our beloved users – and you have the opportunity to win one!

What we’ve got in store: Amazon certificates for $50, $100, or $150. 

How to enter the draw: 

take the quiz to find your city of love

share the results on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

✅ tag Movavi in your post. Here are our accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

✅ add #MovaviValentinesDay2021 to your post

✅ make sure you’re subscribed to Movavi 

✅ make sure your account is not private. 

You can make several posts on different social media.

How to share your results: 

You can share the results directly from the page – just hit the appropriate button once you’ve completed the quiz.

There is no direct sharing option for Instagram, so you can simply grab a screenshot and post it – just don’t forget to tag Movavi! 

On February 14, 2021, we’ll choose the winners.

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