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Movavi Effects Store Release: Horror Intro Pack!

February 24, 2020
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Hot news for horror movie fans! This week it’s terribly interesting in our Effects Store. ? The Horror Intro Pack release can indeed scare everyone around.

Our Horror Intros are made in full accordance with the genre: frightening monsters, huge menacing aliens, demonic creatures from the underworld, terrifying abandoned houses… In short, if you’re confident that you have nerves of steel, just watch these scary new intros with your own eyes:

And if those 6 creepy intros are not enough, we sincerely admire your determination and shake your hand. In that case, we suggest opening our briefcase with other effect packs “Horror Circus”, “Zombie Veggies”, “Halloween” and, the eponymous “Horror” effect pack. You will definitely find something suitable for your creative ambitions.

Learn more about this new pack in the Movavi Effects Store

Need some tips on how to use this pack? Find them in our video:

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