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How to Instantly Close Sales with a Video QR Code

April 27, 2023
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There’s been a huge decline in our attention span in the last 20 years, according to Dr. Gloria Mark, author of ‘Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity.’ The average human attention span fell from 2½ minutes in 2004 to only an average of 47 seconds on one screen today.

Given this challenge in the age of overstimulation, how can marketers deliver the best value in a short span of time?

Because for marketers who are looking to sell and engage their audience, every second counts.

One way to increase your sales and engagements is to use a QR code generator. This is one low-cost way for marketers to use a video QR code in their campaigns and add more information or hype about the product.

A trackable video QR code campaign will let your audience watch videos straight from their mobile phones. They can also scan a QR code from your video and access your merch.

There are just so many ways to do this, so read on.

Best uses of video QR codes for your marketing campaigns

Of course, you just need to be creative when using a video QR code to boost your marketing campaigns. In 2022, QR code generator QR TIGER recorded a whopping 443% increase in QR code usage worldwide. And this will only keep growing.

These versatile squares are time-tested tools for gaining wider reach and more engagements, even in offline campaigns. Now, you can easily track the effectiveness of offline ads just by adding a QR code.

Here’s why you, too, can make full use of video QR codes for your business.

Create a digital dimension for your business

Customized QR codes create an offline to online gateway to your business. You can easily boost your branding strategy when a QR code is placed at the right spot with the right timing on your videos.

They are the new generation’s “salespeople” that lead viewers straight to your company website, social media channels, and more. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. In the video, you can encourage your audience to scan the QR code for specific products, or lead them to an exclusive discount link.

So, instead of letting the viewers manually click or search for your products, you can lead them straight to your website or video in just one scan.

Create an omnichannel marketing strategy

Adding video QR codes to your omnichannel marketing campaigns is one great way to tie them all together. With QR codes, you can promote using multiple channels to create a more seamless and cohesive customer journey, improving your overall marketing strategy.

Improve your content distribution with QR codes. You can cross-promote your content in different formats across multiple channels without spending so much.

Create more than just a video

Advanced QR code solutions can upgrade your video marketing strategy. For example, a video launching a new food product can display an app store QR code where viewers can order the food promoted in the video.

Once the viewers scan the code, it leads to the app store, so they can instantly download the mobile application and order the promoted product.

A multi URL QR code can help you with this campaign, as it will lead scanners straight to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on their device’s OS.

Create a “Shoppable” video ad

QR codes can transform your video ad into a “shoppable” video. You can use URL QR codes to store your company’s eCommerce website or online store.

The code leads viewers to your digital store, where they can directly buy your offerings promoted in the video. This is one great way to instantly close the deal with your audience. You can boost your reach and lead generation by tracking your marketing campaign, and keep increasing your sales and ROI by creating more targeted ads.

Do you also create translated videos? You can add them to your multiple landing pages with different languages. You can then use a multi URL QR code to link each of your landing pages with your translated videos.

The scanners will be led to the language they prefer, according to their IP address. This is best for cross-border eCommerce, and those that truly want a more personalized experience for their customers.

Create instant access to supplementary marketing materials

Boost your overall marketing strategy by incorporating a QR code in your video content. If you want to promote your social media through video marketing, use a social media QR code that stores all your social media links in one scan. This includes YouTube and Pinterest, too.

The code leads viewers to a mobile-optimized landing page where they can instantly like, follow, and access your social media channels.

Why use a video QR code for marketing?

Marketers or businesses are using video QR codes for marketing as they’re able to have a better hold on their audience’s attention. The audiences are the ones scanning the code, so you can be sure they’re able to watch the video right away.

You can personalize your videos in such a way that you can hold their attention, especially in the first 5 seconds.

The limit is your imagination. Using a QR code on your video or streaming platforms will get people to buy your merch, follow your social media, or watch your supplementary information. 

On the other hand, adding a video QR code even in your offline campaigns will allow you to track the scan data and see how effective they actually are.

You can then continuously improve and personalize your campaigns to make sure you continue to engage more potential customers. 

Check the success of each campaign by gathering first-party data, which is crucial in improving your marketing strategies.

The advantages of using QR codes are clear: they are a straightforward tool to lead potential customers to your marketing funnel.

Are you making full use of QR codes in your marketing campaigns today?

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