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Movavi Effects Store Release: Mystical Galaxy Pack!

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What is the origin of our universe? Is there anyone else in it besides us? Does any kind of multiverse exist? While there are still no definitive answers to these questions, the number of related theories is growing exponentially.

Cosmic secrets are no less exciting to the Movavi team than terrestrial ones, so we recently released the Mystical Galaxy – a pack of effects dedicated to the secrets of the cosmos.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about alien technologies if you are a romantic at heart – and that’s exactly what the stickers from this new set remind us of. Take a look at the transitions and the intro too – their “unearthly” look is pretty impressive!

If you are interested in ufology and want to share your knowledge in this area, try these effects in your video. Even sensational information requires good presentation!

The Mystical Galaxy pack might also come in handy if you like to create popular-science or educational videos about astronomy: you’ll find original titles and an exceptionally beautiful background in this pack.

Learn more about this new pack in the Movavi Effects Store

Need some tips on how to use this pack? Find them in our video:

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