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MJPEG Codec: What It Is and How It Works

June 05, 2019
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Motion JPEG and the Most Efficient Motion JPEG Converter

Your dashcam by chance filmed a falling star. Of course you want to share the footage with your friends via social media. But the video was shot in MJPEG. To upload the video, you need a different format. But how can you do that, and what is an MJPEG codec anyway? That’s what we’re going to talk about here.

What Is MJPEG?

Motion JPEG or MJPEG (MJPG) is a video format in which video frames are compressed individually as JPEG images. The format is widely used by digital cameras, webcams, and other video recorders and is supported by most web browsers, PlayStation, and the QuickTime player. One of the fastest Motion JPEG codecs currently available is PICvideo. It offers high-speed compression of MJPEG video streams and is the perfect MJPEG viewer for Windows Media Player.

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How Does the MJPEG Codec Work?

When you press the record button on your camera, the MJPEG codec is activated as the encoder of the video information. This information is compressed and saved in a video container which can then be easily moved as a video file to another device. Once transferred, the file is then processed by the MJPEG codec on the new host device – this time to retrieve the video information and enable the device to play it back.

What Is the Most Efficient MJPEG Converter?

Not all devices come equipped with the Motion JPEG codec; those that don’t have it require additional software to be installed. If you want a quick and easy way to view MJPEG files, try Movavi Video Converter. This app takes advantage of available hardware acceleration technologies, and Movavi’s SuperSpeed mode supports ultra-fast compression without loss of quality. Movavi Video Converter lets you process not just video but audio and photos as well, and save the resulting files in any popular format with AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MP3, and other extensions. Download the software for Windows or Mac and start converting MJPEG files for the device of your choice today.

System requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32/64 bit); Mac OS Х 10.7 or higher (64 bit).

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