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Movavi Business Suite For Boosting Your Business 

January 28, 2020
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Meet Movavi Business Suite – the best of Movavi products and features tailored for your work needs. Upgrade your business by using the new all-in-one multimedia software to create engaging content for your audience.

Those familiar with Movavi Video Editor Business are likely to recognize most features they have already been using, and discover a lot more. Read on to find out what’s new!

What is Movavi Business Suite?

Movavi Business Suite is a universal solution for businesses, experts, creative individuals and everyone else who is keen to explore the benefits of making videos, whatever their purposes may be. With this product, you can easily create commercials, presentations, video tutorials and other visual content for your business. Thanks to our signature user-friendly interface and nags our software is easy to master – no previous editing experience required. 

Why Would I Need Videos for My Business?

Let’s face it – every modern business needs marketing, as that’s how you get your audience to recognize you. And every marketing strategy is better when it involves video content, simply because the Internet users out there prefer it. First, videos work great for promotion on social networks. Second, your customers will highly appreciate video tutorials on your products. Third, you can record instructions for staff training instead of explaining things over and over again by yourself, and combining it with email marketing software will help you achieve maximum results.

For small business owners, the possibilities are pretty much unlimited. You can make videos about your shop or office, interview your staff, showcase your products and demonstrate your showreels. Handmade enthusiasts can capture their work process and its results, which in turn can help them get more orders. Coaches and tutors will benefit from making better videos of their lectures and webinars. And, of course, it’s probably needless to mention Instagram and YouTube bloggers – producing quality visual content is vital for them, and our software is here to help. 

Even if you’re not involved in any business just yet, you can use Movavi Business Suite for job hunting: some companies require you to record video presentations when applying for the job, and some may invite you to a Skype interview which is always worth recording. 

Aside from work purposes, you can always use the editing tools for creating memorable videos of your holidays, times with your family, important life events, and so on.

What Exactly Does Movavi Business Suite Offer?

Here’s a list of things you can do once you download Movavi Business Suite to get to know the features:

  • Editing videos
  • Adding special business content
  • Applying logos
  • Recording your screen
  • Recording from your web camera
  • Recording from your microphone
  • Sharing on YouTube, Google Drive, Movavi Cloud, and Vimeo

What Are the New Features?

Here are some things that we’ve added to our software solutions. You can add interactive content and gather feedback from your audience by asking them questions. For example, you can insert a multiple choice quiz or a simple poll to engage your viewers in a dialogue with your brand. Based on your customer feedback, you can make improvements that can generate you even more business.

Bonus: share these videos on your Movavi Cloud or burn disks!

Great – Where Do I Get It?

For all of our customers who are keen to try out our new product – download it via this link and start exploring!

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