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Movavi Effects Store Release: Chinese New Year Pack!

January 31, 2020
  • 3,926
  • 2 min

Forgetting for a moment the worrying news about the coronavirus, let’s remember the ancient traditions of Asia that never cease to intrigue us. The Lunar New Year or, as the Chinese call it, Spring Festival, falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice.

 On the eve of the holiday, people decorate their houses with red lanterns and inscriptions, dress in red clothes and launch firecrackers into the sky. The celebration is usually accompanied by impressive firework displays, gifts, and family get-togethers.

If you want to share the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year and its customs, our new Chinese New Year Effects Pack will help you create an enchanting video about the traditions and activities of Lunar New Year celebrations. You can preview all the effects in this clip:

Don’t have a Movavi video editing program yet? You can choose the option that’s right for you from the list of programs compatible with the Effects packs or take a look at our video guide.

We wish you all great prosperity in the New Lunar Year!

Movavi Blog Team


According to an ancient Chinese legend, on this day the monster Nyan (whose name means “year” in Chinese) appeared in villages to devour cattle and people. One time, an old man came to the people and scared the monster away using noise and red decorations, as Nyan was very afraid of those things. Since that time, people on this day place red inscriptions on doors, set off firecrackers, and stay up all night: it’s called “show sui” – “protect the year”.


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