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Movavi Effects Store Release: Gradient Pack!

March 23, 2020
  • 5,811
  • 1 min

Movavi has been following design trends in 2020, and gradients are just one of those trends. The public’s fascination with them from 2017-2018 show no sign of fading; big companies like Apple and Instagram are actively using gradients in their branding. 

We decided to join the “color flow” and created a Gradient Effects Pack. Colorful effects with smooth shading transitions, experiments with textures, geometric shapes and light – in sum, you’ll get a lot of aesthetic pleasure from this one pack. 🙂 And we are eager to share it with you.

Intricate shapes, colors and animated holographic 3D stickers will hold your viewers’ attention for a long time. In addition, the zinging colors of the Gradient Pack give you another powerful way of attracting and maintaining viewer interest. Add as many colors to your video as you see fit, and your viewers will definitely appreciate it!

Learn more about this new pack in the Movavi Effects Store

Need some tips on how to use this pack? Find them in our video:


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