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Movavi Fortnight Digest

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  • 2 min

Quarantine is no reason to cancel our Video Digest! Especially since over the past two weeks, we’ve posted quite a lot of useful videos to help you overcome these harsh times. So, what’s on the menu today? A guide on how to work from home and stay sane, a couple of ideas on how to entertain yourself (indoors – that goes without saying) and some tips from voice actors for your Inspiration.   

New Videos by Movavi

Movavi Vlog

For obvious reasons, Movavi Vlog team is working from their homes now. In the latest video on the channel, guys have shared some hacks on how to stay productive and avoid disturbing roomies who are working remotely too. Need more tips on organizing your home office? Check out our recent article with 27 lifehacks for staying productive without leaving your apartment!

Another important question arising for all of us staying at home: how to escape dying from boredom? One of the non-obvious ways to entertain yourself is to learn posing for photos. See a quick tutorial by our colleagues in their recent video:

Once you learn all the 16 poses, choose one of the TH shows to watch from another issue on Movavi Vlog channel. Or just binge-watch all of them, you have enough time, no one will judge.

Movavi Tutorials

Quarantine is a great time to educate yourself. We bet you’ve already chosen some webinars and lectures to watch online. You might want to record them to have everything at hand. Check out this tutorial to make sure you do it right:

And that’s not it! We’ve promised you that our digests are going to be more comprehensive, right? Here are some more new tutorials on Movavi channel: 

How to record and export a PowerPoint presentation 

How to remove skin blemishes from photos 


Today our Inspiration section is all about the sound. If you’re choosing a new microphone, setting up a home studio or want to learn some tips from an experienced voice actor, go to Booth Junkie channel. Mike Delgaudio will teach you everything you wanted to know about sound – and even more! 

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