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5 Great Movies Directed by Women 

March 06, 2020
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International Women’s Day is coming! The 8th of March is the day of acknowledgment of women’s talents and achievements. So let’s celebrate it by watching some great movies made by female directors.   

Lost in Translation

Sofia Coppola, the great director’s daughter, has proven since long ago. Lost in Translation is by no doubt one of her best works. A touching movie about loneliness that brings people together. An aging movie star making money out of advertisements and a young college graduate meet for the first time in the restaurant of an expensive hotel in Tokyo. And that’s where their fragile, melancholic and sometimes surprisingly funny story begins.


The movie is mostly famous for the dramatic transformation of beautiful Charlize Theron into a terrible criminal. Without any disapprobation or perplexity, the director Patty Jenkins tells the story of a killer prostitute falling in love with a teenage girl. And yes, that’s not something to watch at a party or on a date, but it is undoubtfully a great piece of art made by talented women.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Another disturbing movie on our list is the one about the struggles of being a parent of someone who has committed a terrible crime. Tilda Swinton as a parent tormented by memories and uncertainty is inimitable. Ezra Miller playing sinister, “not like everyone else” kind of kid is terrifyingly convincing. Lynn Ramsey’s heavy thriller is not that easy to watch. But it’s worth it. No wonder the picture got 10 minutes ovations during its premiere at Cannes.

Lady Bird

Do you remember what it’s like to be a teenager? Lady Bird will remind you of the times when you stop being too close with your parents and learn to love others and yourself, the times when you want to get into the world of adults but something there scares you too much. LIght and kind movie by Greta Gerwig is one of those you can easily watch alone in your favorite pj’s, or on the first date, or with former classmates. And, of course, on International Women’s Day!


Wadjda is the first full-length film made by a female director from Saudi Arabia. This a touching story of a 12-year-old girl who really wants a green bicycle from the shop near her house and has to make that dream come true all by herself, overcoming difficulties and social taboos. This is a must-watch for everyone who has forgotten that everything is possible!

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