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Boost Your Business: A Promo Video

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Promotional videos have shot to the top of the food chain in terms of consumer demands. Millions of blog posts are created each day, making it one of the most saturated marketing forms out there. In recent times, videos have shot to the top, thanks to its unparalleled attention retention ability, user engagement, and emotional value.

Although videos have long held these qualities, they have long been neglected due to the expensive nature of video production. Not anymore. Now you can create your own promo video without having to break the bank. Making a promo video today is both fast and effortless, and can come at virtually no cost. If you are still wondering how to make a good promo video, you will have a number of different options.

Promo Video Maker: Taking Advantage of Video Editors

There are many different reasons why you may need your own promotional videos for business. A promo video could be used for ads, for an event, for your company, to promote a product, app, and much more. It is much cheaper to create a promo video today – even when you choose to shoot your own video.

Although whiteboard animations let you create promo videos without having to do any filming, these are extremely technical and can be really expensive for those looking to get really cool stuff. On the flip side of things are modern video editors. Today, video editors are cheap and easily accessible. Once done with your filming – which can be done with an inexpensive digital camera or even a phone camera – a video editor can be used to add effects that give your video a professional feel.

Video editors today come packed with footages, slides, and music templates that can be customized to fit your needs. You can always upload your templates on your way to creating a company promotional video for your website or social media channels.

Promo Video Maker: What You Need

Although making your own video is much easier these days, you are still required to put in some effort to ensure that the overall quality of your video is not compromised. From the script to the sound and production quality, it is very important that you provide a high-quality video that grabs the attention of viewers and successfully passes your message. You will be assuming the role of a videographer, and you want to do it right. The following are some key important needs for any promo video.

  • Script: Your script is key to everything your video entails. Be sure what you hope to achieve with your video while developing the script, and develop it accordingly. Shorter videos yield better engagements, while videos should hold some entertainment value while passing your message.
  • Message: Your video serves no purpose if the message it carries is lost on viewers. Consider the social demographics of your customers and what they like to watch, and pass your message in a similar way.
  • Production: Even the best scripts with the clearest promo message hold no water when the production quality is low. Ensure your filming area is well-lighted and the actors appear natural, not forced.
  • Post-Production: This is the phase where a quality video editor comes in. The overall video quality is as much to do about the pre-production and production phases, as it is to do with the post-production phase. Use just enough effects, animations and filters to polish its appearance. Be sure to work on the sound to ensure it doesn’t echo, isn’t too loud, and isn’t muffled.

Promo Video Maker: Possible Software Options

If you are looking for an effective video editor to help you create a promo video, you will be spoilt for choice. There are multiple websites with online editors and promo video maker apps that can successfully aid your journey to become a video creator. Each of these, though, hold slightly different packages, so you want to be sure which best fits your needs. We give you a quick rundown of some of the best options below:

  • Panzoid: Panzoid has been hailed as one of the best promo video makers out there. This free web-based tool is easy offers you a catalog of templates from which you can select and has a large, helpful community behind it. Sadly, the website is typically clunky and can take up most of your time.
  • RenderForest: RenderForest is one of the more popular video editors out there. It boasts a stuffed library of customizable intro templates and designs from different industries. However, you might find the interface a little difficult if you are not very internet-savvy. Likewise, producing a single high definition video can set you back by about $30.
  • RendrFX: For a monthly subscription fee of $50, RendrFX allows users to create their own promo or explainer videos, with a catalog of video designs from which to choose. The editor is simple to use for the average Joe, but its subscription model may be quite discouraging.
  • Ivipid: Ivipid, like other video editors on this list, provides you with multiple customizable options. Create your video in three steps, and get it stored to Cloud for access from anywhere. With video processing experiencing occasional fails, you might have to try a couple of times to achieve your needs.
  • IntroChamp: With about 300 templates with which you can produce a great promo video, IntroChamp provides you with options. It is also largely affordable and easy to use. However, its features remain limited if you’re looking for extensive video editing.
  • Wondershare Filmora: Filmora is one of the more sophisticated video editors you will find anywhere. It’s easy to use design is backed by multiple filters, motion elements, transitions, and overlays. You will be able to create 4k videos and gifs, while it also supports title editing. Pricing is also very fair, with options for a lifetime or yearly access.
  • Other Options: Amongst your other options will be Moovly Studio, Blender, Cinema 4D, and After Effects.

Movavi Video Editor Business: A Suitable Promo Video Maker

If you are looking to create quality promotional videos for your business or ad campaigns, Movavi Video Editor Business is your best bet. Whether you are already used to a video editing interface or not, you can master the user interface here in less than 20 minutes, setting you up for a great promo video.

Movavi Video Business editor has all the bells and whistles you need to make a cool video that you can be proud of. With over 160 creative filters, over 100 transitions, and multiple effects, it gives you a rich library for your video creation. It also allows you add titles – simple or animated, and edit text settings. Import any videos or pictures you need, cut them to size, and apply filters, music, transitions, etc. to complete your promo video, and download in 4k or a suitable high definition format.

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Ready to make your own business video promo? You can definitely get that done without having to break the bank and exceed your marketing budget. Interestingly, videos can go into a number of different places, from YouTube to your website, social media channels, and even an email list. And it is an undoubtedly effective way to get your message across.

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