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Chroma Key: How to Remove Green Screen

February 11, 2020
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Ever dreamed of teleporting yourself straight to the tropical beaches of the Seychelles? Or, perhaps, to the top of the Everest? Or somewhere in the Middle-Earth? Well, everything is possible with the Chromakey technology – the one that’s used for making weather forecasts and all those fantastic worlds in cinematography. Chromakey allows you to replace your initial background (usually a studio) with anything you want.

Now, you don’t need to invest a fortune into expensive equipment or software to do the same trick at home. All it takes is to download Movavi Video Editor and follow our simple guideline.

How to Remove Green Screen From Video

Step 1.Film yourself standing in front of a green or blue screen. Be careful while picking your outfit colors: your clothes should not include green or blue elements. The single-colored screen does not need to fill the whole frame – just make sure the main object does not cross the edge of the screen. To make background removal easier when editing, keep the background evenly lit. 

Step 2. Open Movavi Video Editor. Import your green screen footage and the desired background. It can be a still photo or another video. 

Step 3. Place the green screen video on the additional video track above.

Step 4. Click on More in the left-hand panel. Go for Chroma key.

Step 5. Click on the Color picker and, in the preview window, select the color you want to edit out. All the settings to help you delete the background completely are below.  

Step 6. Hit Apply. Your editing is done! 

Step 7. Share the video on your YouTube channel or social network pages – let your friends guess how you made it!

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To get a better idea of the whole thing, check out this video instruction by Movavi Vlog Team:

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