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Content Creation and Planning Tools You Need to Support a Solid Blogging Strategy

July 19, 2022
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Every marketer knows the importance of written content or blogging in digital marketing. Although blogging started in the early 90s in the form of online personal journals, it has since evolved into a great tool for content marketing. 

Blogging is used by individuals and businesses around the world for building brand awareness, driving traffic to their websites, and demonstrating industry authority. Blogs essentially serve as launch pads for driving further engagement.

These facts can be corroborated with content marketing statistics too –

  1. 48% of companies that have a strong content marketing strategy include blog content creation in their core marketing activity.
  2. 56% of marketers consider blogging to be the most effective marketing technique.
  3. 10% of marketers say that blogs have the power to provide the highest ROI.

Why do you need content creation tools for your blogs?

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It’s amply evident that blogging is not only the best way to position your branding, but an effective method of generating quality leads and sales. So you set up a blog, and start creating posts in hopes of growing your brand awareness and connecting with the target audience. However, you’ll soon realize that managing and running a blog is tougher than it sounds. As the world of blogging continues to grow, you have to think of ways to stand out from the crowd. To run an engaging blog marketing campaign, it’s important to research keywords, come up with new content topics, and then there’s also the task of promoting the blogs on social media channels.

It has been found that 53% of bloggers consider finding the time to create and promote blog content to be their biggest challenge (OrbitMedia).

This is where time-saving content creation tools and free web and graphic design tools come in. These tools are specifically designed to aid in the process of creating compelling content with fantastic visuals. Whatever your requirement, there will be a tool available for the purpose. While some tools can help you with keyword research, link building, others come with time mapping, project planning, and other productivity-enhancing capabilities. There are some great AI-powered tools that can help you in your blogging efforts too. In this article, we’ve hand-picked some of the best content creation tools and content planning software out there that can help you in your blogging journey.

Without further ado, let us dive in.

Top Content Creation Tools for Blogging

1) Movavi – Video Editing Tool

Video is one of the most popular and accessible forms of content that exists today. Integrating video content into blogging can be a great way to capitalize on video marketing trends. Video content can be added to blogs in the form of video summaries, reviews, tutorials, and more. A tool that can prove to be incredibly useful in the process is Movavi Video Editor. 

Used by more than 3 million global users, this video editing tool comes with some excellent features for video creation and editing. Movavi can help you make professional-looking videos for your blog in no time. What’s better is that it can be used by people who don’t have any prior experience with video editing.

Pricing: The Movavi Video Editing software can be downloaded for free. The pricing for the paid plan starts from $54.95.


2) Narrato – Content Workflow Tool

 When it comes to creating content for your blog, picking a topic and hoping for the best will not yield the results you desire. You need to put in the effort, time, energy, knowledge, and resources in creating top-quality content that attracts the attention of the reader. A content planning and workflow management tool like Narrato can simplify all this for you. Narrato has all the tools and capabilities that content teams need to create high-quality blog content that converts. 

Some of its best features that can aid in blog creation are –

  1. AI Writer: For generating content for multiple use cases like blog post outlines, conclusions, and intros. It can also help in turning paragraphs into bullets, improving your original content and more.
  2. AI Content Assistant: The AI content assistant helps with optimizing content for SEO, grammar, and readability. It also has a plagiarism check.
  3. SEO content briefs: The SEO content briefs can be auto-generated to get relevant suggestions on topics/questions, keywords, references, and other useful SEO parameters.
  4. Content Calendar and Kanban Boards: For organizing and planning your content efforts.
  5. WordPress publishing integration: For directly publishing content to your WordPress site from Narrato.
  6. Canva Integration and Image Search: For adding graphics with your content.
  7. Content Marketplace: Narrato content marketplace is a platform where you can order content for your blog. The platform has thousands of experienced freelance writers and your content orders are usually delivered in 48 hours.

Pricing: Narrato features can be availed with three plans – Free, Pro and Business. The paid plans with advanced features start from $8 per user per month.


3) Keyword Tool – Keyword Planner Tool

If you want to increase the visibility of your blogs, it’s important to make them SEO-friendly. Keyword Tool is excellent for researching the right keywords for your blogs. It uses the Google Autocomplete feature to provide you with relevant long-tail keyword suggestions for any topic. You can also use the ‘Check Volume Search’ option to search competition and volume for a keyword master list. 

Competitor analysis is another great feature offered by this tool, which allows you to monitor the main keywords used by the competitors. This simple yet exhaustive tool is perfect for finding rankable and valuable keywords for your blogs.

Pricing: Keyword Tool offers both free and paid plans. The paid plans start from $159 per month.


4) Vecteezy – Free Digital Graphics and SVG Editor

If you want to make good-quality blog content, it’s important to support it with visual imagery and digital graphics. Vecteezy is a great platform for searching the right graphics to go with your content. Being one of the largest creative marketplaces in the world, Vecteezy houses millions of stock photos, videos, and vectors. All the digital graphics are safe and free for both personal and commercial use. 

You can also use the Vecteezy Editor to design illustrations using text editing tools, templates and recognizable shapes.

Pricing: While you can search for digital graphics for free, the pricing for Vecteezy Editor starts at $9 per month.


5) Flourish – Data Visualization Tool

If you are including data in your blogs, Flourish is the tool you need. This data visualization tool allows you to create engaging and interactive data stories with customizable templates. The best part is that you can create the data stories without any custom code. All you have to do is upload a spreadsheet, connect it to a live source, and integrate the software to any API of your choice. 

Data visualization also saves you time on online proofing of your content to make sure it is accurate, as it is much easier to scan through visual data stories than text.

Pricing: Flourish provides three plans to its users – Free, Business and Enterprise. For the pricing details of the paid plans, you can get in touch with the Flourish team.


6) Signal – Auto-Tweet Articles

Promoting your blog post on social media channels is important for improving its visibility. Signal is an excellent tool that takes the work out of promoting your blog posts and articles on Twitter. With this tool, you can auto-tweet your posts according to a set schedule. You have the option of using Signal Suggests, and you can also customize your own tweet. Based on the one-time or repeated schedule, Signal will auto-tweet your articles on Twitter. 

Signal also provides comprehensive data analytics which can give you a better understanding of the number of people engaging and clicking with your tweets.

Pricing: Signal provides both free and paid plans. The paid plans start at $6.99 per month.


7) MonsterInsights – Google Analytics plugin for WordPress

View your Google Analytics (GA) data directly from the WordPress dashboard with this GA plugin. This tool made it into our list of best tools for blogging because of the ease it offers in connecting GA to your WordPress account. With just a few clicks, you will be able to conduct event tracking and form submissions and use other features that’ll help you understand your readers better.

Pricing: MonsterInsights provides three plans – Plus, Pro and Agency. These plans start from $99.50 per year and can go up to $399.50 per year.


 8) Respona – Blogger Outreach Platform

Whether you want to attract new visitors or engage with existing ones, integrating email marketing with your blog strategy can be excellent for increasing your blog’s popularity. Respona is an all-in-one platform that comes with a host of tools for setting up and launching an email campaign with your blogs. It can be used for marketing, digital PR, link building, and even sales. 

Key features of this tool are –

  1. Automated email campaigns
  2. AI-powered Personalization options for campaigns
  3. HARO automation
  4. SEO metrics
  5. Prospecting
  6. Built-in analytics and reporting

Pricing: The features of Respona blogger outreach platform can be used for $99 per month.

Wrapping Up

 With this, we’ve provided you with some of the best content creation and blogging tools that will help you optimize your content, make it image-rich, and promote it on social media. Not only will these tools help with time mapping and saving precious hours, but they’ll also allow you to do things that would’ve otherwise required the expertise of a professional. Using these tools, you will be able to attract quality leads and more visitors to your blog in no time.

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