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15 Types of YouTube Videos to Consider When Starting a Channel

June 17, 2020
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We’ve made quite a few guides on starting different types of channels on YouTube. And the first step in almost every one of them is finding your niche – the art of locating your place on this huge and diverse platform. It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you’re going to do. If you’re not sure yet of what exactly to go for, that’s okay. Look through all the genres and types of video trending on YouTube and choose which one suits you most. And we’re here to help!

We’ve analyzed all the best genres on YouTube and are pleased to present you with the top 15 types of YouTube channels to consider. Enjoy!

The Best YouTube Video Categories for 2020

1. Educational 

With all the seemingly dumb videos out there on YouTube, you might come to the conclusion that no-one actually watches educational content here. But in reality, they do. Many people love to learn in private, and YouTube has made that process easier than ever. You can find an answer to almost any question, and you don’t even have to pay.

There are tons of successful educational channels on the platform, from the deep explorations on TED to The Infographics Show and Casually Explained, which cover basic and out-there questions in a humorous and accessible way. 

Educational channels may focus on a particular topic, say, space and astronomy or culture. Or they may go for general knowledge and explain everything that comes to mind. While making an educational video, of course, you’ll have to put more effort than just recording a lecture. Find a way to visualize the information – animation and infographics work really well.

2. How-Tos

Educational videos come in many forms. One of the most popular and fast-trending subgenres is how-to guides and tutorials. These are intended to help viewers, teach them practical skills, or solve their problems as quickly as possible. You can explain anything from how to set up a computer to drawing a flower. 

The more common the problem you’re solving, the more viewers you can get. On the other hand, it’s easier to rank higher in YouTube search results when your topic is something rare.

How-to videos are a great tool for businesses, as you can show how your product gets results and build a stronger connection with your audience at the same time. See, we’re successfully using them too:

3. DIY

Another type of educational-ish video is DIY. If you’re not familiar with the term, DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”. As you might guess, these are the videos that teach you how to create something with your own hands. 

You can make a DIY video about anything you’re good at. Have you built beautiful bookcases for the whole family? Go ahead and tell YouTubers how to do it. Made a moisturizing lip balm from items you’ve found in the fridge? We’re sure that millions of people are eager to find a way to save a bit on basic cosmetics. Know how to make a photography softbox at home?… You get the point – make a video! 

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4. Cooking

If cooking and making videos are both passions, you could be huge on YouTube! Consider creating a channel for people who are into haute cuisine or create simple guides on how to cook pasta and quickly chop onions. Either way, you’ll find an audience.

When making a culinary video, it’s very important to keep viewers’ attention fixed on the action and cut out the boring parts of the process. No one is going to wait for three minutes until your garlic is “golden brown”; most users will quickly move on to something else. Also bear in your mind that there are many ways to make a cooking clip more interesting than just a video recipe. For instance, you might make a slam-poem out of it, or ask a complete beginner and a professional chef to cook the same thing.  

5. Gaming

Walkthroughs, let’s plays, machinimas… If you play video games, you’ve probably watched some of these videos on YouTube. Gaming is one of the biggest YouTube categories, and the richest bloggers are usually gamers. Why not join them? 

There are dozens of different types of gaming videos on YouTube; you should choose one that will be the easiest and most fun for you to make. If you’re good at improv and wisecracks, then you should probably try let’s plays or streams. But if you’re better at explaining things and finding well-hidden easter eggs, walkthroughs and deep reviews would be your choice. Want to know more about creating your own gaming channel? Read our recent article on the subject.    

6. Fitness

As long as people want to be healthy and fit, workout videos will be popular on YouTube. We’ve already published an article on starting a fitness blog – be sure to check it out if you’re planning to create one! To put it simply, while there are many fitness blogs on YouTube, if you work at it, it’s still possible to create a successful channel.

The simpler your exercises are, the wider an audience you can expect to reach. But, of course, it’s not just that. Even if you’re explaining elementary workouts, you should really focus on the right technique and be familiar with the common mistakes and controversies. Be super careful about giving advice. Also, it’s important to create a friendly vibe in your videos to attract more subscribers. Last but not least, work on the quality of your videos, shoot when there’s a lot of natural light and edit carefully.

7. Fashion

If shopping is your cardio, then you’ll probably be good at fashion videos. Here, too, there’s a lot to choose from – you can teach people to find their own style, talk about upcoming trends, make haul videos, shoot shopping vlogs, comment on fashion week activities, even show your own outfits… The sky is the limit! 

The main trick here is to make your own style special and recognizable so that people can follow your posts and trust you.

8. Beauty and Makeup

If you’re more into cosmetics, that’s even better! You have every opportunity to start a successful channel. The competition in this field is quite intense, but that just means that viewers all over the world are still interested in makeup. Especially these days, when people’s attitude to cosmetics has changed a lot. Today it’s not only about “perfect smoky eyes” and “5 minutes no-makeup makeup”. It’s more about using makeup more creatively, coming up with new ideas, and having fun. That opens up so many opportunities for beginner beauty bloggers that there’s absolutely no reason to hesitate. 

9. Tech

We’ve all watched a tech video on YouTube at least once. Those who are not really interested in technology usually binge-watch them when they’re considering buying a new phone or laptop. And tech geeks, well, watch them all the time. If you have something to say about the iPhone 12 coming this fall or can’t wait to unpack the new PlayStation 5, why not do it on camera?

Tech bloggers are influential in helping people decide which phone to choose, review new releases, comment on gossip, and test-drive the wildest devices out there!  

10. Unboxing 

An unboxing video can sneak into almost any type of YouTube channel – be it tech, fashion, cooking, makeup, lifestyle, or even a channel for kids. You can always purchase something hyped, unbox it and give your opinion on it! However, there are also channels that do unboxings only and have become successful at that. For example, not so long ago, toy unboxing channels were a thing on YouTube.  

11. Pranks, Challenges, Fails

For some reason, many people love watching others get scared, confused, surprised, or even hurt. That’s why pranks, challenges, and fails became such a huge thing on YouTube. These videos gain millions of views. The main criterion for them is to be funny.

If you’re confused right now and don’t understand the difference between these three, we’re here to help you out. Pranks are for videos when someone does something stupid towards someone else – for example dresses as a creepy clown and jumps out of the corner. Challenge videos are about people doing stupid things to themselves – say, eat a spoonful of cinnamon powder. And in fail videos, stupid things usually happen to people (or pets) by accident – for example, the good old reliable banana peel slip.

12. Travel

As long as the travel culture exists, people will continue sharing their experience of exploring different places or watching/reading about others doing that. Of course, it’ll take a lot to become successful in this highly competitive niche. But if traveling is really your passion, you won’t even notice all the effort you’re doing. If you’re willing to give it a try, read our article about making travel videos first.

13. Celebrity Gossip

Finding out about celebrities’ personal lives has been a guilty pleasure for millions and millions of people for centuries. YouTube made everything more engaging for viewers and easier for content creators. If you too are into this topic, go ahead and create your own gossip channel!   

Warning: don’t go too far and don’t invade others’ personal lives too much. Even when talking smack, aim to create trusted content. 

14. Shows

Another trend on YouTube that’s not exactly new – in fact, it was born long before the platform was created – is the show. Watching people answering awkward questions, playing games, eating super spicy food – these shows are interesting and entertaining for many people. Often, participation by famous people makes these shows more appealing to the audience. Remember the successful channels that Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon have, Vogue’s “43 questions”, and others of that kind? But it is possible to make an interesting show without Hollywood connections – see, for example, how it’s done by Cut:  

15. ASMR

Almost all the genres above can be turned into ASMR, which makes them weirdly satisfying. ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response”, which is what they call the chills and tingles many people get on their scalps and at the back of their necks when they hear or see something nice. ASMR videos can be anything: a story told with a gentle voice, a purring cat, someone eating ice cream – anything at all. And it’s currently a huge trend on YouTube.

Want to try creating one? We have an article on that too!

Creating Your Own Channel

We really hope that this list has inspired you to create your own channel on YouTube. If you don’t know where to start, browse the Video section of our blog – you’ll find tons of helpful articles there! And don’t forget to find good editing software! Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to get views on YouTube without putting some effort into editing your videos. We suggest starting with something simple yet powerful enough, such as Movavi Video Editor. This app has all the tools you need to create a video in any of these genres.

For even more freedom to express yourself, check out our sets of effects. If you’re still experimenting with different types of videos for your channel, try the Vlogger Essentials Bundle, which includes stylish effects for any kind of video. The bundle consists of the Technology, Cinematic, and Blogger sets.

Good luck!

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