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Video Marketing Ideas For Small Business in 2022

August 19, 2022
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Want to power up your small business in this digital world? So, it is time to focus on brushing up on your video marketing strategy.

No doubt that video marketing has gained a massive increase over the years. Now, in 2022, we evidence its affection for everything that is related to marketing and sales. As video marketing is one of the breakout topics of the digital marketing world, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool according to research by Wyzowl.

Videos are proven to bring positive ROI, generate qualified leads, increase engagement and boost sales. But, the concept of video marketing that provides such key benefits can be time-consuming and costly for small businesses.

If you are overwhelmed about where to start or don’t know which type of video content you need to market your small business: we really feel you! We have drawn up a list of fantastic video marketing ideas for small businesses that put your mind at ease.

Why Is Video Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Before moving forward to go deeper into video content types, we would like to touch on how small businesses take advantage of video marketing. There is a perception that only the biggest brands make stand-out videos, as they spent a large amount of money. Of course, spending budget can be related to the quality of video content in some cases, but even small-budget ones can go viral, attract new customers and engage them for sure. We all witness how TikTok has been dominating the market. It is a great opportunity for small businesses that have a limited video marketing budget. 

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy these hand-picked video marketing ideas!

8 Video Types for Small Businesses

No doubt that customers love watching videos, regardless of what type of video it is! As a small business owner, you might be busy with other tasks and not want to spare a budget for your video content, even if you are willing to take part in this world of video marketing. The good news is we are here to help you take the first step, and we also show you 8 different video types for small businesses that they can integrate into their video content marketing strategy.

Informational Videos

As the name clearly states, informational videos focus on educating your audience on a specific topic which can be related to your product, brand, or service. They are a great piece of video content when it comes to keeping your audience engaged. Rather than tons of word-filled articles, video content easily conveys the intended message to your target audience.

The creation process should follow these steps: pre-production, production and post-production. While the aim of the hot topic is determined at the pre-production stage, the editing process takes place at the post-production stage. Most small business owners choose to get help from video creation tools as they don’t require any technical knowledge, and they are also budget-friendly.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bknuFCQn4Y

How-to Videos

In most cases, the format of how-to videos can be confused with informational videos. How-to videos take a greater place in your video marketing strategy, as they save you time and effort comparing traditional ones. This video type is divided into 3 different categories which are explainer videos, software demo videos and instructional videos.

Let’s say you are a SaaS company, and you get a lot of “how-to” questions from your customers. Instead of wasting hours of work going back to each one, you can create a how-to video that will guide them through the process.

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Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_dHkiilXHk

Company Introduction Videos

Most probably, company introduction videos are one of the first video types that comes to mind when starting a business. They can easily define your business and build the first touch with your customers appropriately. Start-ups and small businesses choose that video type to increase their traffic from the start.

In this digitalized world, we have witnessed many examples of inspiring video marketing ideas. We watched promotional videos of many well-known brands, just as Adidas released its brand history video 11 years ago. As this video contains a lot of animation, it undoubtedly brought more engagement and built a bridge between the brand and its customers. That is why it is known as one of the best video marketing ideas. 

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv8CvDZSWKo


A showreel helps businesses attract more customers while showing their latest works. Although social media accounts have replaced showreels somehow, they are still one of the most effective ways of converting customers. Even case studies can impress your customers-to-be, but visualizing the words helps attract more customers.

Agencies mostly give showreels their due. Agency showreels help show how agencies care about their customers and also how smart their work is. 

Let’s explain with a real-life example. You are looking for a social media marketing agency to work with, but don’t know which to choose. Looking at the listings that define the top social media marketing agencies may help, but you need to get more tangible data. So, go have a detailed look at their agency showreels to make your mind clear. Now, can we say that showreels are a convincing factor? Hell yes!


Although the number of influencers is increasing day by day, the demand for vlogs has slightly decreased in recent years. Even though Instagram Reels seems to be dethroning the vlogs, vlogging is still a part of the game.

Small businesses take advantage of vlogging as it is cost-effective. Vlogs are the best way in order to reach new customers and keep your business in front of them on a regular basis. If you have the resources, consistency would be a priority. You do not have to publish hour-long videos, even short video clips can work on social media channels like TikTok or Instagram.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUIy5vEwilU

If you get more traffic to your small business, go find other influencers in a related niche and collaborate with them. So, you can reach out to more customers without spending a lot of money.

Want to be a successful vlogger? Movavi shares 10 top vlogging tips to make you one.

Instagram Reel and Instagram Story

Nowadays, social media video marketing is difficult to imagine without Instagram Reels. It is a brand-new world to engage your customers by creating short and fun videos. With the “Remix this Reel” feature, Instagram Reels has gained big momentum for sure. Small businesses take advantage of this feature by sharing their reel next to another user’s video. So, they can build enormous engagement and a trending topic effortlessly. 

Instagram Stories can only stay live for 24 hours, soInstagram Reels provide more long-term benefits for businesses. Instagram’s algorithm also tends to show trending reels for users’ interests. This helps small businesses reach their target audience appropriately, boost engagement and grow their followers organically.

The most preferred reason for using Instagram Reels for small businesses is to promote their products or let their audience know about the new features. We all know Dyson, right? They create pretty good video content while releasing a new vacuum cleaner or a tool for an existing product.

Let’s have a look at their new tool that makes happy pet owners: pet grooming covered by Dyson!

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use Instagram Reels to announce your special offers, promotions and upcoming events. You can make your audience buy a product without they are even thinking about it.

Boost, one of the most famous cosmetic shops in the UK, makes the most of Instagram Reels. See their special discount reel for the Ad Card owners here!


Like case studies or showreels, interviews are also great video content for convincing your customers. We think it is the most powerful way to build trust between your customers and brand. Imagine that you create a video content series called “Meet the Team” and regularly post a video introducing one of your team members. These videos provide detailed information about your brand, product, or service and how you benefit your audience through them. 

Let’s enhance this with an example! Imagine that you are looking for an agency to manage your social media work. You most probably want to get to know the agency itself, its both existing and previous work, and also how it benefits your small business. Getting answers to all those questions via an interview will work better than reading tons of words in case studies.

The hub that aims to bring together digital agencies and SaaS companies, Digital Agency Network has shared some inspirational interviews with agency leaders from around the world. How agency leaders coped with the pandemic, what industries they have been serving, how being a DAN member contributes to their business and much more questions got their answers in this interview conducted by Robert Tadros, CEO & Founder at Impressive.

Influencer Partnership Videos

Another hot trend brought by influencers is partnership videos. This video type helps small businesses break through awareness, authenticity, and conversion. Influencer video content is social proof of convincing your audience to buy your product. They work better than most video marketing ideas, as they provide emotional appeal.

Small business owners can save time and budget on creating video content by working with industry influencers. Finding the right influencers was an overwhelming process a couple of years ago. However, today, there are dozens of influencer marketing platforms on the market. So you can simply sign up for one for free and start looking for the most appropriate influencer.

Whatever your small business is about, if you want to create authentic, attention-grabbing partnership videos, you should have a look at some smash-hit influencer marketing campaigns. While creating your own video content, get help from the Movavi Video Editor Plus to leverage video marketing strategy. 

Ways to Distribute Your Video Content

If you ended up here, we assume that you have chosen one of the video marketing ideas below-mentioned and created your own video content. Now, it is time to decide which channels you should use for your video marketing strategy. There are myriad distribution channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, and more. First, you should decide on whether you are going to distribute on paid or organic platforms.

We believe that these steps will guide you through the distribution process;

  • Share the full version of your video content on YouTube
  • Create micro-clips in different formats and sizes to share on your social media channels
  • Display it on your website or blog to catch your visitors’ attention
  • Use your video content if you are planning to launch email marketing campaigns
  • Grab cool pieces from your video content to create GIFs

Wrapping Up

The sheer number of video marketing ideas for every budget is amazing. You can create engaging, highly converting, and sales-oriented video content for small businesses easily without breaking the bank.

Use Movavi Video Editor Plus and make the most of video marketing ideas for your small business in a snap.

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