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How to Create Effective Onboarding Videos

July 09, 2022
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Welcoming new employees can make or break the employee experience. Because of this, companies must do it right and ensure it doesn’t scare off new employees. However, many companies admit that their onboarding process is heavily reliant on paperwork – making it boring and doing little to engage new hires. Consequently, a negative onboarding experience could lead to early departures and high employee turnover.

Instead of using text-heavy documents or presentations, successful businesses conduct their onboarding process through engaging media such as videos. Employee onboarding videos are an excellent way to introduce new employees to your company culture and help them integrate more quickly into the team. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should include videos in your onboarding presentation, examples of effective onboarding videos, and how to make them.

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What is an onboarding video?

An onboarding video is a tool used by employers to show new hires what to expect in the company, how things are done internally, and what kind of leadership your company has. As a famous saying describes: ”first impressions last the longest”, onboarding video is an excellent way to make a great first impression on new employees. It can significantly improve an employee’s performance within the first couple of weeks of working in a new place. Depending on the tone and voice of the company, you can add some fun elements to the presentation. Adding GIFs is a safe option to break the ice and show that you’re not all work and no fun, but a combination of both.

Goals of Effective Onboarding Videos

The first step in creating compelling onboarding videos is to ask yourself why you’re making them. Your answer will guide you on how to structure the content.

Give a lasting first impression

First impressions set the tone for the employees’ work experience. If your onboarding process does not engage them, they are twice as likely to seek out other opportunities. By using onboarding videos, you are not only telling but also showing employees what to expect from your organization. And this contributes to increased job satisfaction and the retention of newcomers.

Give employees an insider look at your company culture

Onboarding videos can help you show off your company culture to new employees. Videos that effectively use storytelling can give newcomers a glimpse of what it’s like to work at your company by showing the day-to-day operations of their new job, the company’s amenities, and more. 

Integrate employees into the team

As employees begin settling in, they get specialized in the role the company hired them for. Onboarding can help by showing the processes and how their work helps the company. Carrying out integration well will make employees:

  1. know and understand their role and importance to the company
  2. understand how everyone contributes to the team
  3. know their chance to grow in their career path

Immerse employees

An employee who is immersed in the establishment knows and understands the company’s work culture and settles into their role in the company quickly. And this can only be done when you do the onboarding process properly.

Encourage independence

Independence is the central and ultimate goal of all onboarding processes. Using onboarding videos is an excellent way to make the process more efficient and enjoyable. Videos can help employees understand how to navigate the business and complete tasks without supervision.

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Structure for Making Good Onboarding Videos

Provide an overview of the company

Start your onboarding videos by discussing what the company does, its target customers, and who is in charge. The remaining sections can explain the employee’s duties and how things should be done.

Vision and mission

Employees must understand your organization’s vision and mission, and videos do a better job of creating employee buy-in than just reading a text version. You can create a video with a message from the CEO or other leaders in the company to do this.

Brief intro of the team

It can be difficult for new hires to meet the CEO and other staff at your organization in today’s remote work culture. It would be helpful to include a brief introduction of the team members the new hires will be working with.

Overview of the job description

A general overview and job description are important aspects of employee onboarding and should be included in the onboarding video. Hence, employees understand what their main and secondary responsibilities are.

Examples of daily routines

Including video clips that highlight the company’s workflow helps new hires understand your company’s culture. You can do this by splicing together employee testimonials showing their day-to-day working activities. In this way, new hires can get a glimpse of what to do and how to get things done.

Benefits of working at your company 

The onboarding video should excite the new employees to start working at the company. In addition, the video should emphasize the benefits of joining the team, how they will improve themselves, and how they can contribute something essential and tangible to society.

Examples of Onboarding Videos

To give you some inspiration on how to create an engaging onboarding video, check out some great examples from these well-known companies:

Google’s Interns’ first week

Google’s onboarding video titled ‘interns’ first week‘ is an excellent example of a great introduction to a company’s culture. It includes interviews of other interns about their experiences working at Google, how the company handles work-life balance, and a visual tour of their office’s facilities and surroundings.

GrubHub shows the daily life of a driver

GrubHub’s onboarding video for new drivers beautifully shows a delivery driver’s daily activities and some critical tips on doing the job correctly. The video is simple and short, yet very informative.

Dunkin’ Donuts new employee presentation

Dunkin’ Donuts new employee presentation powerfully shows what the client service at Dunkin’ Donuts is all about. It provides short training for new hires before starting work and other information about what the role entails.

Wrap Up

Employee onboarding does not have to be all about tedious paperwork. Using videos in your onboarding presentation can make the journey more engaging and personal. With the right video suite and strategy, onboarding videos can help your new hires feel welcomed and confident, increasing employee retention and speeding up the integration process. Take your onboarding to the next level, and start making onboarding videos today!

Author’s bio:

Raisa Yogiaman is a content marketer at Zavvy – an employee enablement platform that combines employee experience with smart workflow automation. Her passion for HR and marketing can be found on Zavvy’s blogs.

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