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The Importance of Branding for Video Marketing Campaigns

February 14, 2023
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Video marketing has been a trendy choice in recent years, thanks to the emergence of short-form videos and their adoption on the most prominent social media platforms. 

TikTok, the most successful among these apps, had an average watch rate of 16.23% in 2022. It is higher than the standard 15% that applies to most other apps. 

However, for a marketing team to bank on the popularity of an app, it must be backed by solid branding to successfully make waves online and offline.

Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of branding in your next video marketing campaign.

Strong branding will dictate your strategy

Developing one’s branding is often part of the initial stages of launching any business. It encapsulates your identity, including the products and services to be sold, and these are packaged to be consumed by audiences.

For example, The Dove Self-Esteem Project launched in 2004 focused on its self-love rebranding initiative that challenged the beauty status quo. 

This branding has remained relevant to many people throughout the years, which can be seen in the success of more recent video campaigns like “Reverse Selfie.”

Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2T-Rh838GA

Try new formats

Animation can be a powerful tool for a brand’s video content. Make your product stand out with a unique and personalized animated background, or tell a whole story about its features and uses!

The best way to convert views into actual sales and show your brand is to make your video as memorable and eye-catching as possible. One of the most effective styles is an explainer video.

Animated explainer videos can explain even the most complicated process in a simplified, and therefore easier to understand way, which makes them perfect for advertising innovative technologies or abstract concepts.Animation studio services are ideal for producing a fully customized animation. Explainer video production with professionals includes a few things: writing a script, making storyboard, creating music and voice over, illustrations, animatic, sound effects and finally the animation. Trusting experts is a great way to handle most of these steps, which is difficult to do in-house. You can make it happen with Pigeon Studio, one of the best video production companies.

Strong branding allows you to none in on your audience

Here at Movavi, we emphasize defining your audience when building your video ad strategy. Then, using demographics, interests, and intent, you can leverage what appeals to your target.

Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci’s general target is high-income adults, but they have recently started to lean towards progressive young adults.

We can see this through their inclusion of trending personalities like Harry Styles, Dakota Johnson, Billie Eilish, and even top K-Pop stars like soloist IU and NewJeans’ Hanni.

Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI2yr6xEA5A

Unique branding makes your videos more impactful

Uniqueness goes hand in hand with creating a solid video marketing campaign. For instance, Chef Pii chooses a catchy name and an intriguing product in her TikTok-viral Pink Sauce. Its success stems from trendy scripts, video titles, and even captions that bring something new to the table.

From animated videos to interactive video experiences, here are a few tools to create unique branding with video marketing. 

  1. Video animation tools like Movavi are great for creating animated videos rich in visuals and engaging for viewers. These tools allow you to create images, text, and sound sequences to convey your message creatively and memorably. 
  2. Video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are great for making your videos look sharp and professional. These tools allow you to add special effects and transitions, adjust your video’s audio and video levels, and layer sound effects and music to create a truly engaging video experience. 
  3. Tools like Biteable offer pre-made templates that you can customize with your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos to create a truly unique branded video experience. 
  4. Marketers can use Namechk.com to brainstorm ideas and check their domain availability online. Although it can be challenging to come up with unique ideas, you can always use a fresh perspective.

Please watch: https://www.tiktok.com/@chef.pii/video/7117678634642459947

Using these tools, you can create unique and engaging videos to help you stand out from the competition and build your brand. With the right tools, creating unique branded videos for your marketing strategy is easier than ever.

Strong branding makes you consistent

Lastly, having solid branding makes content creation easier and also helps to keep the clients you handle more consistent with posting videos.

According to an article by ReadWrite, the average posting frequency for short form is 20 videos per account every month, which continues to increase. 

This bar can be hard to meet, so marketers should rely on branding as a go-to formula. Likewise, having a formula also makes it easier to revisit and revise branding as time goes by.

Bottom line: Branding as one of the best practices

With the short-form video format integrated into Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many other social media platforms, we all know it’s here to stay.

Strong branding is needed to stand out among others, as it can dictate one’s strategy, audience, uniqueness, and consistency. 

Branding also conveys authenticity and identity, with both playing a significant part in modern consumerism.

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