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Movavi Stories: Travel Blogging in 2021

July 29, 2020
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Mick and Andria are tireless travelers who are currently based in Cyprus. Every year they visit an exotic country in South East Asia, an elephant sanctuary, and a European city. Their adventures are truly amazing, and luckily for all of us, they keep a record of their travels on the blog theadventurousbug.org.

We’ve spoken to Mick about what they do at the sanctuaries, how they keep a travel blog going in 2020, and what’s his best feature of Movavi Photo Editor.

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Traveling is a big part of our lives and we can’t wait to get out there again. We are hoping to see Europe in the next month or so, all booked but fingers crossed. Is traveling something that you all enjoy? Where would you fly off to? www.theadventurousbug.travel . . #wetraveltogether✈️ #welovetotravel #welovetotravel✈️#welovetotraveltogether #welovetotraveltheworld #welovetotraveltogether❤️ #traveling #travel #travelingram #travelblogger #travels #wetraveltogether #traveltheworld #travelgram #traveler #onaflight #southeastasia #takeusaway #welovesoutheastasia #europe #europetravel #europetrip #portugal #southoffrance #paris #lisbon #porto #nicefrance #nicefrance?? #theadventurousbug @mickeymonkey_ @andriae18 . . Follow ? @theadventurousbug

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I and my partner Andria have been traveling through Europe and South East Asia for the last ten years. Our travels have an emphasis on saving elephants. We are members of the Save Elephant Foundation, and we donate to it every year. Also, every year we visit an elephant sanctuary to volunteer and help the rescued animals.

It all started ten years ago when I met Andria. Once she said to me that she loved elephants, and I decided to take her to the elephant sanctuary in Thailand so we could see them and also provide some help.

It was a lifechanging experience for both of us. We felt that it’s very important for us to help as much as we can to protect elephants. They are beautiful and smart. Among them, there are endangered species, and it will be a big shame for the planet to lose them. And while we understand that there are many animals that are in trouble, visiting and helping at an elephant sanctuary is something that’s possible and enjoyable for us.

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Our beloved elephants. Not having the opportunity to work for you, care for you, prepare your food, clean after you or get to know you this year has made our hearts very heavy and empty. We miss your love, we miss your kindness & tenderness and we miss your friendship. The time to travel to see you all again cannot come quick enough ???? ? ? www.theadventurousbug.org . . #SaveElephantFoundation #savetheelephants #saveelephants #enp #ElephantNaturePark #chiangmaielephanthome #elephantnatureparkchiangmai❤️ #protectelephants #ElephantRescue #loveelephants #elephantvolunteer #elephantprotection #AsianElephant #elephantnatureparkthailand #elephantnaturepark #elephantfreedom #thaielephant #thailandelephants #elephantparadebangkok #elephantlove #elephantlovers #elephantsanctuarychiangmai #weloveelephants #éléphant #theadventurousbug #SaveElephants #welovenature❤️ #devilwearsivory #trunksup #internationalanimalrescue @saveelephantfoundation @saveelephants_lb @savetheelephants @saveelephantsnow @savethaielephants @elephantloveyou @andriae18 @mickeymonkey_ . . Follow ?️ @theadventurousbug

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Since then every year we travel to South East Asia for almost a month, during which we dedicate at least one week to volunteering at a sanctuary. Some people say we’re crazy. We clean the place, prepare the food for animals, do everything to create a comfortable environment for them – and we pay for that! Well, for us it’s important and we’re happy to do that.

So that’s how we spend a week of our yearly vacation. After that, we explore the wonders of South East Asia – we go to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore… Apart from that, every year we travel to somewhere in Europe. Also, we do some weekend trips while we’re here in Cyprus. So we do have a lot of experience to share with others.

During one of our trips in 2013, we decided to document our adventures and keep records of our travels. That’s how we started our blog theadventurousbug.org. Our Instagram page and YouTube channel we created to support the blog and bring the audience to it.

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When we visited Paris in the New Year we made our way to Notre-Dame in Paris, it was not long after the devastation caused by the fire, we were able to capture a nice shot of the front part of the building, other areas were harder to capture due to barriers put up to keep prying eyes and lenses away www.theadventurousbug.org . . #notredame #notredamecathedral #notredamedeparis #nôtredame #notredamedeparis?? #notredamefire #notredamebasilica #parisnotredame #paris #visitparis?? #visitparisofficial #parisfrance?? #weloveparis #weadoreparis #parisviews?? #visitfrance #visitfrance?? #travelingtoparis #welovetotravel #travelgoals #traveling #wetraveltogether #welovetraveling #parislove #loveparis #lovefrance #beautifuldestinations #beautifularchitecture #weloveparis #theadventurousbug @mickeymonkey_ @andriae18 @we.love.paris.france @welovefrance . . Follow ?️ @theadventurousbug

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Every time we travel, we take photos extensively, because we want to upload as much content to the blog as possible. This year, obviously, we weren’t able to go anywhere. So we’ve donated the money we were going to travel with to Save Elephant Foundation and focused on developing our Instagram. Now we post mostly our old photos.

I started to edit my pictures not so long ago. Honestly, until recently I didn’t even know how important it is to edit your photos. It was a big surprise to me to find out that postproduction is almost half of the photographer’s work! So I started to slowly explore this new world.

I chose Movavi Photo Editor because it was easy to use and affordable. Also, it’s a one-time purchase which was important to me, I don’t like subscriptions. I think it’s a perfect software to start with. Most of my usage now is removing unwanted parts from the background. I really like that feature, it works fantastic, when used correctly.

I’ve also downloaded Movavi Video Editor. Using this program, I make photo journals for our YouTube channel.

In September we’re going to visit Portugal, Southern France, and Tunis (we really hope it’ll work out). We’ve bought some new equipment for making videos, so we’ll be able to make the content on our blog and channel more interesting and engaging.

The blog is very important to me, and I try to make it as interesting as possible. Of course, I understand that people don’t come to read about our holidays. I am not a writer, neither is Andria, so we try really hard to keep the posts engaging. In addition to our stories, we share some useful information about places to visit, hotels and restaurants. But I think that the most important is the visual part – photos and videos – that’s why I work so hard on improving them, and that’s why it’s so important to have the software you feel comfortable working with.

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