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15 Best Free Green Screen Software

March 01, 2021
  • 13,174
  • 15 min

Want to change the background in your videos? Great idea! Finding the right software to experiment with this might be a challenge. While almost every video editor includes a green screen tool, only a few actually succeed in making the effect look good.

To help you in your search, we’ve picked the best free chroma key software available on the market right now. Enjoy!

Top Picks

Program Is it totally free? Supported Platforms Who’d like it Link
Movavi Video Editor Plus 7-day trial + watermark Windows, macOS amateurs and hobbyists Download
iMovie free macOS beginners Learn more
HitFilm Express free + paid add-ons Windows, macOS amateurs and hobbyists Learn More
DaVinci Resolve free Windows, macOS, Linux advanced users Learn more
Kapwing free for videos up to 7 minutes long online app anyone who’s looking for a fast solution Learn more

Movavi Video Editor Plus – recommended 

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a semi-professional video editing solution that makes movie creation available to everyone. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and an intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to start creating videos. Note that using its free trial you’ll get a watermark on every export.

Using Movavi’s software, you can cut and merge your footage, add dynamic transitions and effects, apply filters, stabilize shaky video, and much more. The Movavi chroma key tool is really fun to use! It lets you change the background of your video in just a few clicks. Hard to believe? Here, check out this article to see for yourself. 

Key features:

? advanced video editing

? intuitive interface

? built-in library of effects


➕ easy to use

➕ appropriate for both beginners and advanced users

➕ easy-to-apply color grading tools


Best Free Chroma Key Software for Desktops

Lightworksfor advanced users

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Lightworks is a great video editing program that offers you professional tools packaged in a user-friendly interface. This software is appropriate for both professionals and amateurs looking for alternatives to commonly used video editing programs. 

This application features many advanced tools, like multi-cam editing, HDR color correction, 4K editing – and, of course, chroma key. The Lightworks chroma-key tool is very easy to apply: just a couple of clicks and the background will change automatically.

Key features:

? basic and advanced video editing tools


➕ lightweight, fast software

➕ easy-to-apply chroma key filter

➕ adjustable interface

➕ plugin support


➖ non-standard layout: some users may find it difficult to get used to  

VSDC Free Video Editorif you’re looking for a fast solution

Supported platforms: Windows

VSDC is available in two versions – free and paid ($49.99 one-time purchase). Luckily, the chroma key feature is included in the free pack. It’s very easy to apply – even a complete beginner is unlikely to have problems. In addition, the free version features basic video editing tools, like cutting and merging video clips, slow-motion and fast-forward, and an audio editor. 

The Pro version of the app offers some more interesting features. For example, it includes a video stabilization tool and audio waveform. While VSDC has some really cool tools that will appeal to hobbyists and amateurs, it’s not a professional video editor.

Key features:

? basic video editing tools

? user-friendly interface


➕ all the essentials are available in the free version

➕ update to Pro for a one-time fee


➖ heavyweight software that may slow your PC down

➖ available only for Windows users

iMoviefor beginners

Supported platforms: macOS

Another great program that offers easy-to-use chroma-keying for beginners is iMovie. It’s a free video-creation program that comes pre-installed on all Apple computers. There’s a simple, easy-to-use interface, a decent set of basic editing tools, and a nice collection of effects and transitions.

iMovie is intended for beginners and amateurs – even if you’ve never opened a video editor before, you’ll be able to create your first short movie and have fun. That applies to the chroma key feature, too – using iMovie, you can change the background in your video in just four easy steps. To learn more about iMovie, read this article

Key features:

? basic video editing for beginners


➕ user-friendly interface

➕ built-in effects, filters, and transitions

➕ comes pre-installed on Apple computers


➖ lacks advanced features

➖ only for Mac users

HitFilm Expressfor amateurs

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS

HitFilm is a great professional-grade video editor developed by FXhome. The free version, HitFilm Express, offers a decent set of video editing tools, including a chroma key. 

The great thing about this app is that it has support for add-ons and plugins. If it lacks one particular feature that you need, you can install it for $10-$30 instead of buying a full Pro version. This applies to the chroma key, too: there is an advanced background changer that can be installed into this freeware. Find a detailed analysis of HitFilm Express in this article.

Key features: 

? basic and advanced video editing

? flexible interface


➕ the chroma key tool can be updated

➕ built-in library of effects

➕ built-in tutorials and projects


➖ outdated interface

➖ many features are available only as plugins

DaVinci Resolvefor ambitious amateurs

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

DaVinci Resolve is freeware from the developer Blackmagic Design. Initially, DaVinci was a program for professional color grading but over time it became a fully-featured video editing app. Hollywood professionals use programs by Blackmagic Design to edit and color grade million-dollar blockbuster movies; Avatar, Prometheus, and X-Men were created using the Pro app, DaVinci Resolve Studio. 

Isn’t it great that anyone can freely use the same software that professional filmmakers use in Hollywood? Of course, the free version is limited: it doesn’t have support for 8K, complex effects, 3D tools, or collaboration capabilities. But it does feature exceptional video editing tools and an attractive, intuitive interface. Its chroma key tool is not the easiest to use, but it is very powerful. 

To learn more about this software, read our comparison of DaVinci and HitFilm. 

Key features:

? advanced video editing 

? advanced color grading tools


➕ professional-level tools in the free version

➕ intuitive interface


➖ may seem too complex for beginners

OBS Studiofor independent hobbyists

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

OBS Studio is free open-source software for video editing and screen recording. It’s the perfect choice for gamers and bloggers who stream and/or produce other content with a webcam. OBS features a quick background changer that can even be used during streams. 

Key features:

? screen recording and streaming

? AI-based chroma key tool

? preview before going live


➕ an extensive set of filters, audio mixing tools, and recording options

➕ plugin support

➕ compatible with most platforms


➖ very few actual video-editing tools

➖ complex interface with no guidance  

Blenderfor 3D animation enthusiasts

Supported platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows

Blender is 3D graphics software that is open source, totally free to download and use. Blender offers a comprehensive selection of tools that enable you to create animated films, motion graphics, visual effects, and even video games! So, if you need software that is more than a regular video editor, something that enables you to create 2D and 3D animations, or if you are looking to create a video game, Blender is a great choice.

However, no software is perfect, and Blender is no exception. While in general, it is a great piece of software, its interface is not so user-friendly. It will take typical users a while to get used to Blender’s comprehensive user interface. However, don’t forget that the software is completely free and works on pretty much any operating system you can think of!

Key features: 

? 3D modeling

? chroma key

? particle simulation

? animation


➕ completely free and open source

➕ supports GPU rendering

➕ great for animation


➖ non-intuitive layer system

➖ not user-friendly

PowerDirector – for experienced users

Supported platforms: Windows

PowerDirector is one of the more advanced video editors on the market. It is a feature-packed app that offers plenty of professional tools. While you may think such an application might be difficult to use and not really appropriate for amateur editors, you’ll be surprised to learn that it actually has a relatively simple interface! So even if you are a beginning video editor, you will probably get the hang of PowerDirector and start creating amazing videos very quickly.

Key features:

? image stabilization

? motion tracking

? full-featured editor


➕ plenty of features

➕ fast export times

➕ advanced tools


➖ quite technical

➖ only free for 30 days

OpenShotfor amateur filmmakers

Supported platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows

Openshot is a free open-source video editor. Originally written for the Linux operating system, it is now also available for Windows (even older versions like Windows 7), and macOS. OpenShot Video Editor makes it easy to cut elements from your footage to create better transitions. You can also add plenty of transitional effects to nicely merge different scenes. It supports plenty of video file formats, including MOV and MP4. It is also possible to add background music to give your video an additional sense of atmosphere. All in all, it is a very versatile program that you can do a lot with.

Key features: 

? unlimited layers

? 3D animated titles

? audio mixing

? chroma key


➕ many built-in effects

➕ support for many video file formats


➖ can be buggy at times

➖ outdated interface

VirtualDub for beginner video creators

Supported platforms: Windows

VirtualDub is another open-source program that comes at zero cost. As freeware, it offers a satisfying set of features for video editing and color correction. Its green screen tool is very easy to use and will be accessible to beginners.

In addition to editing tools, VirtualDub includes a converter and a screen recorder. 

Key features:

? basic video editing

? screen recording

? built-in media converter 


➕ easy to use

➕ powerful noise reduction tool


➖ not for professional-grade work

➖ only available for Windows

➖ outdated interface

Adobe After Effects – for ambitious amateurs

Supported platforms: Windows 10 and later, macOS

Adobe After Effects is one of the most powerful post-production solutions on the market. It offers an exceptional set of video editing tools, including plenty for professionals and advanced users. 

As always with pro-level software, the chroma key tool is not the easiest to apply in Adobe After Effects. It will take some time to achieve a truly clean look for your footage. On the other hand, this software offers you the most comprehensive set of complementary tools to do so and gives you more creative freedom.

In general, the interface in Adobe products is not the most beginner-friendly. So, if you are going to use After Effects, be prepared to spend some time getting used to it.

Key features:

? professional video editing tools

? VR editing

? customizable effects


➕ built-in motion graphics templates

➕ useful user guide on the start screen


➖ heavyweight program

➖ complex interface

➖ free for only 7 days

Best Online Green Screen Editors

Clipchampfor bloggers and digital marketers

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

Clipchamp is a free web-based video editor that enables you to create videos for posting on the internet. Whether it’s a TikTok video, a vlog for YouTube or a Facebook advertisement – you can edit it in this application. 

Clipchamp makes video editing easy and fun. It has all the essential features, a built-in library with stock media and templates, and a quick background remover. The latter allows you to apply the green screen effect to your video in 5 simple steps – all online and for free. Sounds perfect!

Key features:

? basic video editing online

? built-in stock media

? built-in effects

? basic color correction tools


➕ user-friendly interface

➕ the free version supports unlimited exports


➖ the free version supports only 480p (SD) exports

➖ only works with two browsers

Kapwingif you need a fast solution online

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others.

Kapwing is a free online video editing app with different individual tools for a range of tasks. For example, if you need to cut and merge video clips, go to the Video Maker; if you want to add subs to your movie, open the Subtitler, and if you need to remove the background from your video, go to Green Screen Editor. 

The chroma key tool is very simple: you choose your object, adjust the borders, and apply the effect. It’s that easy! Perfect for those who are looking for green screen software for free.  

Key features:

? basic video editing tools

? meme generator

? user-friendly interface


➕ simple and fast chroma key feature

➕ no watermarks


➖ the free version supports export videos up to 7 minutes long

➖ there’s a 250 MB file upload limit

Moovly – for designers and digital marketers

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari

Last but not least, another web-based video editing app on our list is Moovly. It’s a great tool for digital marketers and other creative people who need attractive video content for their social media campaigns. Moovly features all the essential video-editing tools: you can cut and merge clips, add background music, apply a picture-in-picture effect, and, of course, change the background in your footage. 

Moovly offers an easy-to-use beginner-friendly interface that will help anyone create colorful videos. Like other online video editors, Moovly can be slow if your internet connection is weak. 

Key features

? basic video editing 


built-in stock media 

➕ huge library of effects, filters, and templates


➖ can be slow if your internet connection is weak

➖ requires you to create a profile before trying the editor

➖ the free version supports only limited uploads

How to Choose the Chroma Key App that Will Work Best for You

So, we’ve described the best free green screen software we could find. But how do you know which one will suit you best? Here’s what you should consider. 

Consider how much time you are going to spend editing. If you don’t want to spend hours adjusting borders and removing the green glare from your subject, opt for software that is designed for beginners. Sure, the possibilities will be more limited, but they should be enough to satisfy basic needs. Also, even with semi-professional level tools, you can achieve pretty impressive results. Here, see it yourself:

Are you going to use the tool a lot? If yes, then perhaps you should go for something more robust and with more tools. It may be better to work through that learning curve and get a perfect result every time.

Are you willing to pay for the app later? As you may have noticed, some of the programs on our list are not completely free – they only offer a free trial period. Consider that before giving preference to any particular option. 

That’s it! We hope this article helps you find the perfect chroma keying software for your needs. Good luck 😉

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