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How to Boost Your Video Marketing with QR Codes

October 18, 2023
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Mobile device QR code usage in the USA has consistently grown since 2020. This growth is projected to continue until 2025. The growing adoption of QR codes shows that this area is worth experimenting with increased resource allocation. Marketers and business owners can use the growing popularity of QR codes to their advantage in two distinct ways.

Promotional videos have become one of the most effective tools for brands to convey their message, showcase products, and engage their audience. These videos, typically ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, can quickly capture a viewer’s attention and convey a brand’s essence.

Now, imagine combining the compelling nature of promotional videos with the accessibility of QR codes. When used strategically, a QR code can significantly increase the awareness and views of these videos. Let’s delve into how. These codes can be used in video content to convert viewers into leads and sales. QR codes are easy to generate, and there are many free generators available. Once created, they can be put into action immediately.

Let’s now look in more detail at how QR codes can increase the viewership of the video and then convert the additional views into leads and sales.

Boost Promotional Video Awareness and Engagement

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Although many marketing strategies exist, they usually work around three distinct objectives. These objectives are a great framework to keep in mind when thinking about how to utilize the QR code best:

  1. Awareness: Businesses have long relied upon call center services to contact many prospects. The aim was to make people aware of the brand and agree to have a sales rep call around to pitch a product. This is still a viable option, but it is now combined with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, SEO, Affiliate, and email as part of an overall strategy.
  2. Conversion: Conversion transforms this garnered attention into tangible actions, whether that’s clicking a website link, filling out a contact form, or making a purchase
  3. Retention: This is about maintaining open lines of communication with existing customers. This helps spread positive word of mouth. It also allows for increased profits through up-selling and cross-selling.

Based on this, the boost we seek in generating awareness and engagement (watch-time) of the videos is stage one. This is where the subsequent QR code strategies aim to amplify initial engagement and awareness.


Placing a QR code near a store’s entrance invites customers to engage with a brand’s video marketing content instantly. This immediate interaction fosters awareness and can enhance their in-store experience by offering tailored promotions, or product showcases right from the outset.

Position the QR code on the front door. A CTA (call to action) can be used to incentivize its use. 

Upon scanning the code, linking to a promotional video promoting the store’s products and services is an excellent opportunity to increase sales. This will also make their visit more immersive, adding an extra dimension to their experience.

In-store and product packaging

The importance of effective branding becomes more apparent as the consumer moves through the store. They might see a new product they don’t have previous experience with. A QR code positioned on the packaging will allow the brand to communicate more than the text on the packaging.

A video showcasing brand colors and music while highlighting product benefits tailored for the intended audience can enhance brand visibility and drive potential sales.

Outdoors print advertising

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A QR code positioned in key locations with high footfall is another excellent opportunity. For example, a company selling baseball bats might arrange QR codes outside a stadium. 

This might link to a promotional video sponsored by the team in question, allowing consumers to purchase customized bats with their name and the team’s colors.

Business cards

For the sales and business team, exchanging business cards is still common. A QR code placed here could link to a video explaining more about the business they work for and the benefits of their products and services.

Direct marketing

Many emails sent to new prospects are often left unread or quickly skimmed and deleted, a challenge seen with physical mailbox promotions. Embedding QR codes in these communications can address skim reading. These codes can lead readers to captivating visuals or offers, ensuring key points are immediately accessible and engaging. 

Social media and websites

Lastly, incorporating QR codes into visual content, such as an Instagram reel or a Facebook image, can be a strategic move. These codes link to promotional videos and streamline the user’s journey from casual browsing to direct brand engagement. Given the visual nature of social platforms, QR codes can effectively bridge the gap between static imagery and dynamic video content, harnessing the branding potential of social media more effectively.

A note on privacy and its effect on marketing

Understandably, many consumers are concerned about their data and how it’s used. Incorporating privacy policies that users can opt out of goes a long way in building trust.

Sales calls can also be perceived as intrusive, and the reps knowing “too much” information about the consumer might cause concern. 

Using cloud PBX phone systems to make calls as a part of your video marketing campaigns to ensure prospects that their data is in safe hands is a great way to move towards gaining trust. Trust is a significant component that must be in place before we move into our attempts at conversion.

Increasing Marketing Video Conversion Rates

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While online videos often come with links that can be clicked more easily than scanning a QR code, there are contexts where the QR code is a better option. For instance, during live presentations or events where attendees can’t ‘click’ a video, a displayed QR code can be scanned to access additional content. 

Similarly, in print advertisements, billboards, or even TV commercials, where direct interaction isn’t possible, QR codes serve as a bridge, leading potential customers directly to a website or promotional video.

As mentioned earlier, this is where we focus on boosting conversions. There are many ways to efficiently close sales with QR Codes in your video marketing campaigns.

Here, we will focus on two of the most effective places to utilize them. 

TV advertisements

Following the brief drop in Global television advertising revenue in 2020, displayed in Statist’s global revenue report. Earnings generated from TV ads have been growing ever since. It is also set to keep growing through 2027. This makes TV ads an excellent opportunity to start placing QR codes within them to increase conversion rates. They also provide a great opportunity to track the performance of the televised video marketing campaign, which can fill several additional articles.

Each QR code can be linked to a unique web address (URL) specific to where the QR code is placed, be it a magazine, billboard, or TV ad. When someone scans the code, the unique URL records the visit. This data lets marketers see precisely where their traffic is coming from. 

For instance, if a QR code in a magazine ad gets 500 scans while a billboard gets 5,000, marketers can allocate resources more effectively, perhaps investing more in billboard promotions. This level of detail helps brands refine their strategies over time. Lastly, product demonstrations can be linked so the viewer gets greater insight into the product before purchase. This is especially useful for higher price points.

Events and tradeshows

Videos and visual content are often used at events and tradeshows to showcase products and services. For example, you can use digital signage at events to display dynamic content like product demonstrations, brand storytelling, sponsor recognition, live streaming, video walls, and social media display. It captures attention and provides real-time updates, making it a versatile and effective communication tool to enhance the attendee experience. A differing factor is that the sales staff working at the events can also deal with follow-up questions in real-time, allowing for a powerful combination to convert more prospects into sales.

The Key QR Considerations

QR codes make it easier for marketers to direct consumers through marketing funnels and track the performance of their video campaigns. QR codes also benefit consumers, allowing them to scan codes and find more information, enabling a more informed decision-making process.

Videos and QR codes are growing in usage and popularity. Jumping on the wave now is a great opportunity to boost your video marketing. 

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